On commodity premium: from these three aspects to consider!

2022-06-22 0 By

To compete in the e-commerce market, businesses should not only choose the right way in the overall direction, but also not ignore some small details. Today, I would like to share with you what aspects should businesses consider when choosing pricing when participating in activities on the e-commerce platform?Generally speaking, merchants need a standard reference value in pricing. This reference value will not have a specific fixed value, but it must have a relative value.And by referring to the peer to determine the range of the value of the pricing, the most accurate.In this process, IN my opinion, in addition to obtaining the relative pricing reference standard, merchants can also, through the analysis of peer data, strike after the enemy and offer a more competitive price.Second, insight into consumer psychology price during the period of participation in activities, although we have been suggested as far as possible don’t pay attention to whether there is profit, but if not lose too much, so I also want to emphasize again here, at the same time of insight into the consumer psychology, and merchants need to touch myself clearly able to withstand the bottom line,And a good calculation of the impact of this activity to achieve the effect, as well as their own products in the actual competitiveness of this activity.Through the analysis and calculation of the above comprehensive factors, we aim at the pain point of consumers, do not blindly think that as long as the price is low enough, consumers will pay.In psychology, when users measure the price of a commodity, there is a bottom line, that is, when the price of goods exceeds the consumer’s reasonable bottom line, if the price is set too low, it will inevitably make people feel that this batch of goods are defective, or the business is fooling people, there must be pits and so on.Therefore, it is very important to find the psychological price of consumers.In terms of pricing strategy, we should first completely sort out the commodities involved in the activities in the store, and it is best to form a logical product line, which can help us effectively avoid wrong pricing measures.Say so, because I also found that some businessmen in order to rush, not considerate, pull some merchandise to the low price range to gear that does not belong to it, although in the short term, this operation can cause a wave of shopping frenzy, but from a long-term point of view, restore original price after the end of the activity of these goods is premium cannot again continue,In other words, it is useless.Share here, I am to go to more, a duo duo generation put the small driver, if you have any questions can leave a message below, welcome to discuss together.