Ready, a total war rain and snow, bus people up and down to ensure travel

2022-06-22 0 By

Snow fell at 4 am on February 7 to welcome the Spring Festival, bringing inconvenience and difficulties to the public and commuters after the holiday.In the face of rain and snow weather, bus drivers arrived half an hour in advance, to warm the vehicle, do safety checks, especially lights, wipers, brakes and other parts;Security guard personnel have early arrived at the designated point, to the drivers safety greeting.”There is a small amount of snow on Jingang Avenue, please control the speed, there is no ice at the moment”, “the snow potential is large, please pay attention to the road safety situation at any time, adjust the mentality, control the speed”, “pay attention to the situation of passengers in the carriage, zebra crossing, intersection deceleration in advance, pay attention to the slippery road”……Early in the morning, feedback information of the road surface of each line has been transmitted from the wechat working group.The management personnel of the third branch have already rushed to the key sections of its lines for investigation. For dingmao Viaduct, Jingang Avenue and accident-prone sections, the fleet management personnel checked the frozen lines on site, and the first shift of vehicles on each line was safely dispatched.With the arrival of rain and snow, bus three branch timely launched the severe weather emergency plan, bus people nervous and orderly in their respective posts to perform their duties, to ensure that the city’s arteries unobpatently, to ensure the safety of citizens, convenient, efficient travel.