Seventh grade the next volume language must test the famous “camel Xiangzi” special practice, these will not be white read

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Follow me in the top right corner and share tips on this every day!Click “My head” in the upper left corner for more practical content!With the reform of The Chinese examination, the scope of the Chinese examination is more and more extensive, not only involving in class, but also involved in the extra-curricular, the teacher has spoken, but also test the teacher did not speak in class.One of the classic investigation is the most typical representative, and this part is also the content of each test.The second semester of grade seven has two must test the famous “Camel Xiangzi” and “twenty thousand leagues under the Sea”.Although in the examination of the test outline clear to take an examination of, but the teacher basically will not teach, is generally in the winter vacation everyone winter vacation to read.Some students did read it, but most of them were skimming and did not grasp the main points, so I also summarized a typical question type.With these questions to read masterpieces, in order to better grasp!If your child is in seventh grade, this book must be collectible printed!Please remember to give me a like if this article helped you!Your support is the motivation for my creation. Thank you for forwarding it to help more students in need.