The most beautiful match appeared, the sea witch whole sell meng attract attention, fan: I fell in love with a fish

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Guide language: mention dou Luo in the female supporting role actually everybody can raise interest or can recall of not a few, because in the mysterious animation the more marginal supporting role is actually made more do not have too many characteristics, until the emergence of a fish, completely changed our cognition.See colorful animation, break a different river’s lake!Hello, everyone, this is Yunmanji, welcome to the animation lake.In the examination of Neptune Island, there are actually nine examiners, in addition to Bothisi and small white, the rest is the guardian of the seven holy pillars, and there is a role in the seven holy pillars is very special, she is the only female role in the seven holy pillars.According to the temperament of xuanji, generally not important supporting role will not have a very good appearance level and design, but the seven sacred pillars of the only female title dou Luo Sea female dou Luo is very different.01 lovely more than small dance sea witch the first major characteristic is lovely, because it is a mermaid group, in fact, the age of the sea witch in the human world is less than 20 years old, such a role but a real girl ah.In the previous story, only the soulless dance can be really cute, but when the sea witch appears, cute will be more than dance, the child like the role to sell cute is no less than dance, and even more cute.02 appearance online supporting measures of general appearance level is not high, the demon soul to come back even recently the great white shark small white it is actually the seemingly innocent type is changed after the window, but the sea fury is different, said her appearance level of the original can, and because it is a mermaid, so there’s no doubt she has become the current dou luo supporting one of the most beautiful female role,It can even be said that she is the only female character whose appearance level is online. The reason why there are so few such roles is not to grab the attention of the leading group. I don’t know if we like this role?In fact, such a role as sea Witch is very charming, because of his lovely setting, in fact, both boys and girls will like this role, boys may think she is very cute, while girls will be attracted by her interesting soul, the two do not conflict, and complement each other.Sea witch looks good and will sell cute, such a supporting role in the current story of Douro animation is rare, I feel no worse than some of the leading role group.04 I fell in love with a fish we’ve all seen the little mermaid, the creature in many fairy tales are a symbol of pure beauty, although in Zhu Zhuqing conducted by China shipping hag exhibit certain devices, but on the whole the sea siren was a pure girl, after all to RongRongHe Zhu Zhuqing ability can deceive where people won’t use your head,Because of her simple and lovely personality, sea Witch has gained a large number of fans. This may be the only character yun Man loves on Neptune Island, but unfortunately she is a fish.Was the only one of the pillar woman seven sea island say male appearance, but the highest level, personal think is in error, and the pillar as the only one female guardian, female sea fights the particularity of nature is self-evident, because she is the identity of the mermaid, accurate sense she doesn’t really count as human beings, even though she finally evolved the feet,But it is still different from ordinary human soul division, can become the guardian of the pillar itself also proved that her strength is not weak, so the strength and appearance level of good role hope xuanji later can come to more points.06 Epilogue Sea female douluo although debut only a set, but her person set and appearance level has conquered a lot of fans, as so far the appearance level of the best supporting actress, her appearance broke the douluo female match always ugly spell.Comic book fans, do you think the Sea Witch design is good?Well, today’s cartoon story and everyone to talk about here, like a little partner can pay attention to, can also be private cloud diffuse, there is a question must answer!I am yunman bacteria, mountain high water far, we river’s lake goodbye!Article | cloud diffuse bacteria plagiarism