What are the stone tower tourist attractions

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Stone tower tourist attractions: the world the first bend of the Yellow River, xing Dong yuan Dongyue Temple, Renquan Temple, stone tower back earth Mother temple, Hao’s courtyard and so on.1. The first bay of the Yellow River in the world is majestic, graceful and graceful, unique on the Yellow River, and truly the ultimate beauty.The first bay raised in deep boudoir not known, once famous world heard.Shanxi TV reported it as “the most beautiful bend on the Yellow River”.Anyone who has seen pictures or actual scenes of the first Bay will be surprised.Dongyue Temple in Xingdong Wall is a state key cultural relics protection unit.Xingdong yuan Dongyue Temple sits north and southeast, covering an area of 2800 square meters, layout for two courtyards.The central axis for the wall, gate, stage, main hall.There were three east and west corridors in the front court, five east and west grottoes in the back yard, and three east and west libraries on either side of the main hall.Renquan Temple was built during the Reign of Wanli in Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in the eighth year of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty.Located from northwest to southeast, the temple covers an area of 34,200 square meters.The main buildings are gate, hall, pavilion and music building.The main hall is the Hall of no liang, three wide, one deep, the top of the mountain hanging single eaves, front eaves inserted into the corridor.The music building is built on top of three gates and is 5.9 meters wide and 5.4 meters deep.It sits on top of a hill and has only one roof.The ceiling is painted with the story of abdication, which is the same period as the building, and is from the Ming Dynasty.