After the middle-aged man, Chinese New Year encountered these kinds of wine bureau best not to go

2022-06-23 0 By

It is quite normal for acquaintances to treat each other during the Spring Festival.For elderly men, the bureau of several kinds of wine during the Chinese New Year, still had better not to: a, didn’t it’s too deep friendship upstart treat not to this kind of nouveau riche treat, if you don’t have too deep friendship, the purpose of such a person, does not want to show off in front of some acquaintances, sometimes they might reproach: by the way of others, this kind of person treat, do not have to go!Two, the drunkard treat don’t go to the wine bureau during the Chinese New Year is inevitable, men after middle age, try not to go to those drunkard treat dinner, this wine bureau, middle-aged men try to stay away from, men over a certain age, must be based on the body!Three, the former presence of the wine bureau do not go to many middle-aged men, their predecessors may have contacts with their friends, if someone invited, happens to be the man’s predecessor is also present, so, this wine bureau had better not go, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to themselves!Many people think that, as long as the control of good wine, will not happen accident, in fact, many people participate in the wine bureau accident, to participate in the wine bureau before are so think!