Decisive battle of Ping An Jing and king of Glory corresponding to the similar hero

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King of Glory is the peak of MOBA mobile games. The final Battle of Pingan Jing is a MOBA mobile game owned by NetEase. The mode is similar to That of Pingan Jing, but pingan Jing has its own characteristics, but there are many similarities between the gods of Pingan Jing and the heroes of Kings, especially in skills.Pingan Jing and king corresponding heroes:1, the white Wolf, and hou yi (Irene) white Wolf is peace god striker pattern in Beijing, the white Wolf 2 skills in the form corresponding to the king before revision after yi two skills and Irene’s two skills, skills is the shape of the fan and multiple arrows, the white Wolf two skills and hou yi’s two skills, are strengthen the attack, and skill mechanism is the same, the only difference lies in the skill name is different,White Wolf does not have the bonus arrow effect of Houyi.White Wolf’s great move corresponds to Houyi’s great move. White Wolf’s great move corresponds to Houyi’s great move, which is a full range attack. Houyi’s great move also has a stun and freeze effect, but White Wolf’s great move has a repelling effect.Both Tengo and Joff are mages, and tengo’s two abilities lock on enemies and blow them up with a whirlwind, which has the same control effect as Joe’s two abilities blow them up.Big Tengo’s ability draws a shockwave in a straight line, as does the small one, except that Joe’s fan is retrievable.3, the ghost of black and white corresponds to the ghost of black and white are as a tank warrior against the road, the ghost of black a skill and a skill skill attributes of white is almost the same, white is a full circle of attack, the ghost of black is a semicircle of attack, basically is to imitate the white of the hero set and design of the ghost of black.There is also the ghost black two skills can pull the enemy to the side, and white two skills hook pull effect is the same, skill big move also reference white big move, round range attack, the only difference is that the ghost black big move has no silence effect, the other is the same.4, Wan Nianzhu and corresponding Wan Nianzhu 暃 and 暃’s brothers, the skills and 暃 Wan Nianzhu skills are displacement and continuous period of sexual assault effect, more skills and 2, the output of the two heroes are all the same, can be on the wall of the passive are the same, the only difference is 暃 on wall visible figure, Wan Nianzhu is stealth on the wall, and as an assassin,Wannian bamboo is safe Beijing’s elder god, the shelf time is far earlier than 暃, all this, their own try, ha ha!5, snow woman and Wang Zhaojun corresponding snow woman skill integrated wang Zhaojun one skill and two skill effect, with deceleration and freezing control, skill big move is almost the same, but there are differences in attribute and damage value.