Has the US changed its attitude?A phone call between China and the United States, six points worth paying attention to, China ready to fight

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A phone call between China and the US, a big change of attitude?The future course of China-Us relations.The United States can’t be trusted, the conversation is over, the battle may have begun!On January 27, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.Since the Inauguration of the Biden administration, there have been not one or two direct talks with China, and over the years, the US has also changed its attitude, sometimes tough, sometimes conciliatory.However, no matter what its attitude is, the US always pays lip service and then continues to impose additional tariffs and incite “Taiwan independence” if it wants to.What credibility can such a state have?If it were not for the fact that China is a traditional country of courtesy, it would not bother to talk to the United States.But since we’re on the phone, there must be something important.Especially considering that in 2022, the Biden administration has also been in office for a year, and the New Year is a new one. All of the biden administration’s plots against China in 2021 have been lightly defused by China, so it is time for a new pattern in 2022.In this call, there may be clues.After in-depth analysis of relevant news, we can see that there are six points of interest in this phone call. First, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said bluntly that the US side has not fulfilled its promise of a “new Cold War” against China made by US President Joe Biden.Second, Foreign Minister Wang Yi reminded Blinken that competition cannot solve the problem, especially when the epidemic is still severe.China and the United States should stick to the fundamentals, implement important consensus and steer the development direction of the two countries.Third, Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed that US pressure and containment have no meaning other than to make China stronger.Fourth, Blinken stressed that there is no change in what US President Joe Biden said in the past. He also pointed out that there are both overlapping interests and differences between the two countries. The US is willing to manage differences, continue to abide by the One-China principle, express good wishes for the Winter Olympic Games and wish the Chinese people a happy New Year.Fifth, the two sides discussed the growing crisis in Ukraine.Sixth, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said That China supports Russia’s position of “reasonable concern”.It is not hard to see that the talks on the whole were conducted in a relatively harmonious state. I would like to emphasize here that we do not expect the fundamental issues between China and the US to be solved by phone calls. We are paying attention only to find out what the US side is plotting.So what did we find out about this call?In short, old wine in a new bottle, everything related to China, including differences, consensus, one China principle and so on, is basically the same as last year.If there is a difference, we are not surprised to see it softened in the Winter Olympics.The focus remains on the Crisis in Ukraine.The Ukraine crisis is the top priority for the United States at present. Judging from the recent activities of the United States, it is trying to play along with Russia while taking actions in the international community, trying to strip Russia of external support.The first is Iran. Previously, the US had said that it was willing to lift sanctions on Iran, and Iran was immediately willing to engage in “direct talks” with the US. It can be seen that the US can even back down on the Iran issue in order to deal with Russia.The other focus, of course, is China.Because China and Russia have close geographical relations, China will certainly not sit idly by if Something happens to Russia.Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s response can be said to have put his attitude right.Foreign Minister Wang Yi made it very clear that he supports the position of “reasonable concern” over Russia.What does that mean?In other words, China believes that Russia’s opposition to Ukraine’s membership in NATO is justified.I don’t say anything else.Therefore, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that he and Russia are on the same side in a very euphemistic way, but he did not over-express China’s role in the Ukraine crisis, such as whether China will directly support Russia and whether China will provide military support to Russia in case of war.Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said nothing about this, leaving it to the US to figure it out.In this way, it strongly expresses its support for Russia and prevents the external environment of Russia from deteriorating excessively.On the other hand, it did not directly express hostility to the United States, so as not to offend the European countries, so that the United States can not take advantage of it.Of course, the US is known for being a rogue. When Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed support for Russia’s “legitimate concerns”, the US knew exactly what China meant and will definitely put further pressure on China in the future.However, if Foreign Minister Wang Yi dares to say so, China must be ready to fight.