On the second day of the lunar New Year, I went back to my mother’s home in my dream

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01 the second day of the year, I do not know how to return a responsibility, I am unusually sleepy.When it finally stopped raining, I wanted to take my mother-in-law and two children to the Fragrant Hills nearby to see flowers, but my one-year-old daughter was so sleepy that she could hardly keep her eyes open.My daughter is inseparable from me, and it is so small, the weather is not good, and it is really tiring to take out, SO I told my mother-in-law: “You three go, I stay with the children, you go out to play, just stay at home is also quite stuffy.”Xiamen is also strange these days, the Chinese New Year has been raining these days, but also chilly, so we did not go out these days, friends made an appointment to go to South Putuo on the first day of the Chinese New Year, we also refused.Another friend, whose home is near Huangcuo, invited us to watch the “Cross-strait fireworks show”, which we also turned down.It was really not convenient to take two children out because of the bad weather, and I was afraid my one-year-old sister would catch a cold.The three of them went out, and I accompanied my daughter to sleep, and soon fell asleep too: vaguely, I felt myself and my husband with their children back to my mother’s home, not only I came back, but also my two sisters with their children and husband.It’s our old yard.My mother is busy preparing food for us, my father leads several children to play, we sit on the sofa eating melon seeds, and then go around the yard, talking.I didn’t do anything special, just everyday things. We got together to chat and be happy.I was awake in my sleep, I knew it was a dream, but I wouldn’t wake up.At one point I opened my eyes and looked at my daughter next to me. I was still sleepy. Then I fell asleep again and went back to my dream and continued dreaming.It was a warm dream. It felt like several days had passed in the dream. I felt I couldn’t wake up for a moment.Until the three mother-in-law came back, I was completely awake, the daughter also woke up, I no longer sleepy, began to busy belt baby, also had no time to think about the dream just now.But when I went out to relax at noon, I did not know why, I remembered the dream I had when I slept in the morning.On the second day of the lunar New Year, people were going back to their parents’ home in reality, but I went back to my parents’ home in my sleep.Counting the time, I have not been home for three Spring Festivals.In the Spring Festival of 2020, I did not go home. My parents came to my home with two nephews.In that year, my nephews were clamoring for a visit to Xiamen, so my parents decided to go to Xiamen for the Spring Festival instead.They come to me from Shangqiu, Henan province. What can I return?I wanted to take them to have a good time, but the unprecedented epidemic broke out in the next few days, so I quickly booked high-speed train tickets for them to return home. Fortunately, it was in the early stage of the outbreak, and if they had returned home a day or two later, they might not have been able to go back.I didn’t go home for the Spring Festival of 2021 either, but that Spring Festival was the most unforgettable one for me, because my mother and two sisters came to Xiamen to accompany me that year.In that year, I gave birth to my second child, and my mother came to Xiamen to give me confinement. It was the Spring Festival when I was in confinement.Approaching the New Year, the epidemic began to tense up, I told my mother did not want to leave her, my mother said “good, in Xiamen to accompany you for the New Year”.My two sisters haven’t seen my mother for a long time. When they heard that my mother would stay here for Chinese New Year, one of them drove from Hangzhou and the other took a train from Shanxi to Zhengzhou and then flew to Xiamen.My family of six is still not together. My father spent the year in Kashgar, Xinjiang, and did not go back to his hometown because of the epidemic.My elder brother and sister-in-law spent the year in their hometown, and they were reunited with each other.My sister and my mother spent the New Year in Xiamen, spending five days and four nights together as if we were children again.It’s good to be with mom. Home is where mom is.In the Spring Festival of 2022, I still didn’t go home for the Spring Festival. Firstly, it was because of the epidemic and secondly, my daughter just turned one year old. She was too young to adapt to the cold weather in her hometown.The main reason is the epidemic.A few days before the Chinese New Year, my second sister had planned to take her children home for the Chinese New Year. She had her nucleic acid done at eleven o ‘clock in the evening and had bought her tickets. However, there was an unexpected case in Hangzhou that night.There is no way, can not go back, little nephew crying to go home to see grandma, but what can be done.My mother said a word: “Nothing, no matter where the New Year, as long as we can be in peace.As long as you guys have a good life, it doesn’t matter where we celebrate the New Year.”Another Spring Festival, my parents and elder brother and sister-in-law spent the Spring Festival in their hometown, while my elder sister and her family spent the Spring Festival in Shanxi. My second sister and her family spent the Spring Festival in Hangzhou, while I spent the Spring Festival in Xiamen.Our family was too far apart to be able to help it. It was too difficult to be together.There are four of us. Only my elder brother stays with my parents. My two sisters and I all live in other cities.I used to ask my mother if she regretted not having her daughters around, and my mother said, “Why are you staying with me?Is it filial to stay with me?You have your job, you have the city you want to live, you have the life you want to live, and your mother just wants you to be happy.Now how good, want to video can video, can see anytime, it doesn’t matter.We can’t earn much by staying at home. It’s not easy for you all to leave the countryside. After all, you have your own homes in the city now.”She didn’t raise her children to tie them to her side, but to let them fight for their dreams and let them live the life they liked.You may ask me, how come the three of you are far away, while your brother stays with his parents?Actually, my brother was in the army for 12 years, and he came back to my parents in those two years.My brother was the only boy and the only one who didn’t go to college. After returning from the army, he went to Xinjiang to plant cotton with my parents, while my sister-in-law stayed at home to take care of the children.They are busy all year, except the Spring Festival, which is the most idle month. Every year, they are busy until late November, and they will fly away again after a few days.Who hasn’t gone their separate ways for a living?And so on a New Year, a New Year, busy life, and began.03 I am not far away to marry, but travel, belong to a university to live in a city to work and settle down, my husband’s hometown is the same place with me.So whenever we go back home, we both go back together, together to the same city, and then to his home, to my home.But it depends if my parents are home when we get back.I remember the four years when I was in college, and the three years when I started to fall in love and work, I could go home almost every Spring Festival.At that time, I was rebellious and always wanted to find an excuse to go out with my boyfriend. I didn’t like to go home for Chinese New Year.One Spring Festival I did not come back, and went out to travel with my boyfriend.I’m too young to think about it now, and my previous thoughts were too childish.After getting married and having children, I thought it would be easy to go home for Chinese New Year. However, I still can’t go back for various reasons.When I grew up, I missed the old house in my hometown more and more. It was the home we came out of one by one. It was the home of my parents and several of us.Maybe next year, if there is no epidemic, I will take my children and husband back to my mother’s house, and when I get there, I will shout “Mom, I’m back”.Then my mother came out to take things, the children went to call grandma, my elder sister and two elder sister they also came back, and my brother and sister-in-law, we have a happy family together, there will be a reunion.There will be a time. There will always be a time.On the second day of the lunar New Year, I went back to my mother’s home in my dream.No matter where you go, you always remember that home. That’s your roots.Your home is where your parents are.Have you been back home for Chinese New Year?Welcome to leave a message.-end -★作者 : YIBAO;Original author of emotion, writing about the warm feelings of the world.