True or false BREMBO BREMBO brake discrimination skills?How does the agent tell you the difference

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The characteristics of fake products are: 1, fake Brembo brake calipers paint rough paint easy to fall off, caliper paint color is not correct, genuine Brembo brakes are basically red, black, silver and yellow four colors, so the vast majority of other colors are copycat goods.2, false Brembo brake six piston and eight piston calipers are not forged in one body, there are joints in the middle.3, the performance of fake Brembo brake calipers is much lower than the genuine product, often processing reducing material, coupled with bad parts of the brake, after installation, the brake will increase linearly, the brake is weak, the heat resistance of the brake skin is too low, too much dust, brake disc shaking, screw fracture, brake disc crack or block falling, leg position damage and other problems.In order to save costs, Taiwan Disk, Domestic disk and many Infinide owners will upgrade the braking system to improve brake wobble.Unfortunately, buying fake shanzhai products will not only not solve the problem, but also create new problems.Brembo genuine brake is divided into several types of calipers, respectively represented by the twelve letters ABCDEFGHJMNP, such as THE ACPF commonly known as F40, namely the small four piston caliper, described as follows: A/C calipers have three colors: black and red, A is the front wheel, C is the rear wheel clamp.P calipers are one-piece forged rear wheel calipers, available in black, red, silver and yellow.F calipers hardly use the front wheels as a set, only available in black and red M/N/J is a genuine Brembo brake 6 piston clamp.The three clamps are applicable to different sizes and thicknesses of disks.Because the clamps are forged in one piece, sewing is done with all materials, in red, black, silver and yellow, in the absence of seams