Because of you, the whole world, only like

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Holding your hand across the river of the moon starlight bright blushing your face ten fingers around the ring fingertips if electricity silent, better than all twittering eyes to eyes no magnificent sea dream,Has ripples in each other’s hearts with stranger Qian Qian heart hand is linked together even if it is the long march of the cape tianya is not remote desert surabaya jiangnan’s beach every scene is because of you love garden of Eden jiangshan jiao time today because of you every minute and second is sunny spring poetic daily necessities because of you the whole world is just like to share the rest of my life, holding your hand,The picture comes from the network, thank the author here.Habeier #2022 With your company # # I want to go on micro headlines # #2020 Vitality Conference # # Share new Life # # Love # @micro headlines