Hwang Dae-heon won the crown and Ren Ziwei broke the halberd. I think too much. What happened?

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Short track speed skating men’s 1500m final, a packed crowd, 10 teams split into two in the final to the surprise of the scene.’This is speed skating,’ Mr. Huang said. ‘Even in the track and field finals, there would have been no more than nine skaters, but the more surprising Chinese athletes were missing en mass.’Ren Ziwei was disqualified in the semifinals for foul play, while two other players, Zhang Tianyi and Sun Long, were eliminated in the quarterfinals.”I thought about the foul, but I didn’t pay much attention to it,” Ren said, recalling his mistake.I thought the collision with the Korean player was a foul, but I didn t think it was a collision with the Kazakh player. It was like holding hands.”I think it was a rookie mistake,” Ren said.I have more ideas.”The short track speed skating men’s 1500m quarterfinal, semifinal and final started at 19:00 Beijing time on Feb 9.Quarterfinals Men’s 1500 m short track speed skating quarterfinals began, there is no Chinese in the first group, Chinese Hungarian Liu Shaolin.At the front, he adopted the following tactic, and in the last two laps he passed to achieve the lead slide. The group’s speed was very fast, which made the commentator Wang Meng very excited.Liu was the first to cross the finish line in 2:09.213, a new Olympic record.In the second group, Sun Long of China started from the first track. Netizens who watched speed skating for several days now all know that starting from this position has the advantage of starting at least in the starting stage. Although the advantage in 1500 meters is not as good as that in 500 meters, it is still crucial to occupy the starting position.Sun finished seventh in 2:15.431 at last year’s World Cup in Hungary.Sun Long set out in the second place, the back soon fell to third place, the middle than at first, but soon fell to the last, Sun Long eventually finished 2 minutes and 19 seconds 244, ranking the second set of 4 elimination, wang meng slide to the young man is very dissatisfied, think once occupied first, should not be to pressure the rhythm, but also rivals,Because he can’t hold his opponent down with his strength.Also deliberately said that when the team went out to participate in the World Cup competition, Sun Long also appeared such a situation, struggling insufficient, finally with a ticket to send the young player to return to the provincial team to practice again.After losing his temper again, the straight-hearted Wang meng immediately called on netizens not to “abuse” the 21-year-old, because she has a close relationship with her students and loves her so much that she should be blamed. He hoped that people would encourage her.Indeed, the specific situation in the game is best known only by the players and the field coach. Maybe there is an injury, maybe his body is not in the best condition and so on. What he shows may not be a lack of effort, but a lack of effort.Youth does not give up there is always a chance.China’s 17-year-old Zhang Tianyi slipped in group five and finished sixth.In the final group, ren Ziwei, who was expected to compete in the first race, easily overtook the first place later in the race, with Chinese Hungarian Liu Zhiang first and second, and smoothly qualified for the semi-finals.Ren finished the race in 2:15.084.After the start of women’s short track speed skating 1000 meters heat, China’s three women will be very powerful, all entered the quarter-finals.Han finished second in her group with a time of 1 minute 27.401 seconds, breaking the Olympic record with Dutchman David Schuerting, who ranked first in the preliminary round.Semifinals Men’s 1500 m short track speed skating semifinals began, the first group of seven athletes, Liu Shaolin finally qualified as the second smoothly.In the middle of the taxi process, Liu Shaolin overtook the Canadian player, the two collision, later, after slow motion replay, found that the Canadian player intentionally touch porcelain suspicion, the referee after watching the video, considered normal.In the second group, South Korea’s Hwang Dae-heon led the way, and Russia’s Olympic athlete Simon ranked second, the two men hand in hand into the final.There was a foul problem in the match, the referee judged that the Dutch player had committed a foul when overtaking, which affected the Canadian player, so he was awarded directly.The third group, the Chinese players of all, the first half of the slide is very normal, as all once led the slide in front and middle be transcended also always at the second column, enter the terminal, Korean players break off take on board all front, once caused chaos, kazakhstan contestant from NaDao beyond, all seem to be off guard, the rival out of a sway in the circuit,Perhaps because of this accident, Ren ziwei lost his rhythm and finished third.The white-haired referee appeared in the camera again, people knew that there was a foul, and they were nervous, because from the scene, there was no problem in most of the time, but there was a problem with the Korean player’s passing and Ren Ziwei’s bumping into people. Finally, ren Ziwei was cancelled when the result came out.The Chinese team was wiped out in the men’s 1500 meter semifinals.Didn’t foul in the final final, army set out, form two pieces of camp, soon after the top five and five, after send force to get the first Huang Daxian midway has been firmly in control of the situation, keep the leading to an end, end in 2 minutes, 09 seconds 23, Canada’s Steven du bois final sprint speed, narrowly won the second,Russian Olympic committee member Simon Yellistov won the bronze medal.People were surprised to find that they were not used to seeing the scene of people on their backs, the whole game was silk-like smooth, netizens said that this is the credit of the referee team, in the Chinese “Cheetah” high-speed camera deterrence, let the South Korean team realize that they have to play style.Three and South Korea entered the finals, but also in their own way instead of playing with, shao-lin liu and Liu Shaoang two brothers also unusual honesty, after the period of has been in the fourth and fifth position, didn’t adopt the way of “sacrifice”, to gain an advantage, because one of the two brothers, if deliberately create chaos forward,There’s still a good chance of a medal.This was the cleanest final ever, more Chinese netizens said: ‘South Korea is still capable. Isn’t it good to learn how to play clean?We will congratulate you on winning the championship.Ren ziwei’s mistake is a little pity, in this 1500m track, he still has the strength to go to the podium, the words can be interpreted that he wanted to save his energy, in the final, is too conservative to allow the Kazakh player to pass from the inside, resulting in the mistake.There is still competition to come, ren Ziwei wants to be “xiaotransparent” again, to play light, to find the “mang strength” of the first two games, wish him good luck!