Light encounter: new star disk has a problem, do not pay attention to the online reminder, players feel very broken

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Preface: Hello everyone, I am yao, every day for you to release the latest information in the game field.Light Encounter is a social healing mobile game, a lot of gameplay around making friends, such as tea table, Christmas chair, swing and other props, are ready to chat.May be too concentrated, leading to this kind of gameplay BUG, especially after the new star disc online, the original content began to appear problems.Get, nonsense not much to say, the next thing to talk with you is nova disk problems, do not pay attention to also have online reminder, players feel very collapsed!There are in-game reminders that light encounters are very social, and there are a lot of gameplay challenges after players become friends.For example, two-person interactions indicate the closeness of the relationship.The attention on the chart is also a testament.As long as players choose to follow, they will be alerted when the other party is online.For fixed or CP players, this function is very convenient, as soon as the online will be sent, people will feel waiting, so as to feel happy and warm.The new version of the BUG is currently more international server nova disk, bring convenience at the same time, also brought a BUG.Some players found that as long as you add friends with links, there will be online reminders whether you care about them or not.Players who became friends before the update, regardless of whether they followed it or not, were not alerted.Although does not affect the game, but frequent reminder, let a person feel very uncomfortable.It’s like waiting for a crucial phone call, and it keeps ringing, and it’s not the right person.The test service also has a problem when wandering around the post, see friends ridicule, said that the test service did not find a problem.In fact, the test server is not as easy as you think, many things have bugs, ordinary players can not add friends.Yao wanted to transmit friends yesterday, the results have been reminded to reconnect, on the contrary, friends find yao is the same.Of course, there may be a problem after the official launch of the server.Now the BUG has already existed, the focus is to fix it rather than find the cause, I hope Xiao Chen can optimize it as soon as possible.In my opinion, although this is a BUG in the international server, but the Chinese server should not be taken lightly, the season will soon end, if there is no adjustment in the near future, the BUG may follow the performance season together.Just in case, it’s best to follow all of your friends and choose the right way to add friends in the new version to avoid bugs.Finally, when do you think China will be updated?Leave a comment in the comments section.Ok, today’s content is shared here, if you think yao said reasonable, might as well give Yao a concern, a praise, thank you for your encouragement and sharing.