Not every violation is a fine minus points

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Driving is afraid of being fined and deducted points, but sometimes the owner is really “forced” or “wronged”, meet these 8 situations, is can appeal to cancel the record drop, good thank you!1. The car owner, Mr. Li, was photographed many times for illegal parking in the same place. Later, when dealing with violation records, he found that 5 illegal parking records were recorded within 20 minutes.Of course, on the premise that the vehicle does not move, if the same place is photographed for multiple illegal stops at the same time and place, it may be caused by repeated input, which can be appealed.2, illegal plate into the traffic police have negligence mistakes, may be illegal plate typing errors, if found himself was recorded there have been no illegal behavior, also can make a complaint, a few days before and after the date of the situation requires the driver to violate the rules and regulations of the route record details provided to the traffic police to cancel.3, the vehicle is set of licensing sets of vehicles are mainly divided into two cases: different models, different models and different colors of the same model.Encounter this kind of situation is still very easy to handle, only need to take the vehicle driving license, vehicle registration certificate, the owner’s ID card, the owner’s driving license and involved vehicles to take photos to obtain evidence, without the owner to provide evidence.But if the licensed car is identical to the real one, that’s a problem. The owner of the real car needs to collect evidence, such as parking tickets, highway tickets and surveillance video, to prove that the real car was not in the area when the violation occurred.If the owner can’t provide an alibi, we’ll have to admit defeat.4, due to the avoidance of accidents or other illegal driving vehicles in front of the accident, the car in front of the breakdown, illegal driving of non-motor vehicles, in order to avoid the line was taken, the scene will be photographed, if the road is monitored, can apply for the video of the day to view.5, because of helping others and being fined in case of examinee, maternity and other emergencies, you can take examinee admission ticket and birth certificate and other relevant materials to the traffic police to prove that the emergency of the day, usually can avoid being deducted points fines, of course, the emergency situation also need to ensure safety.6, lead to violate the rules and regulations for the avoidance of special vehicle for right-of-way police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering emergency vehicles urgent tasks such as vehicles, involves some traffic violations, traffic police departments will act accordingly, if the owner needs to provide such as vehicle traveling data recorder to shoot video evidence, can appeal to undo violations.7, intersection signal light failure was shot when the temporary signal light and fixed signal light conflict, in this case, the driver will be required to take a picture of the signal light situation, the failure of the situation recorded, in order to explain to the traffic police.8, the road traffic signs are unclear because the road traffic signs are unclear or no hint and are fined, the main responsibility is not their own, must appeal to explain the situation, protect their legitimate rights and interests.How to appeal traffic violation?Reconsideration of e-eye violation If the reconsideration of e-eye violation is to be carried out, it is necessary to make a copy of the vehicle license and fill in “Review and Review Request” on the back, which includes: vehicle number, time of violation, place of violation, reason for review, cancellation of request, applicant, contact information and time of review.Then, the review review please send to the local traffic police brigade, if you can exclude, traffic police departments will eliminate illegal records for you.If the driver who violates the regulations suffers serious losses because of the “act” of the traffic police management department, he can file a lawsuit to the court according to the provisions of article 2 of the Administrative Procedure Law to protect his legitimate rights and interests.