Pingdingshan High-tech Zone to create high-quality incubation ecological voice of innovation and development

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As the main force and pacesetter supporting regional high-quality development, high-tech enterprises are of great significance to the industrial transformation and upgrading of high-tech zones and the birth of new technologies, new products and new forms of business.A few days ago, Henan Province in 2021 the second batch of record high-tech enterprises list announcement completed, so far, 2021 high enterprise identification work successfully concluded.In 2021, pingdingshan High-tech Zone innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Park will identify 10 new national high-tech enterprises in that year, with a total of 21 national high-tech enterprises within the accumulative validity period, involving intelligent equipment, new materials, modern service industry and other fields.Henan Light Sound Technology Co., LTD., founded in September 2020, is a science and technology enterprise engaged in special instrument manufacturing, liquid and airtight components and systems manufacturing, intelligent instrument and control equipment manufacturing, software development, cloud computing equipment technical services, artificial intelligence software development.”At the end of 2020, we settled in Pingdingshan High-tech Torch Park. Under the incubation and cultivation of the Innovation and entrepreneurship Service Park, we rapidly grew into a national high-tech enterprise, and truly felt the ‘high-tech’ service and ‘high-tech’ speed. In the next step, the company will invest more research and development funds to enhance the innovation strength of the enterprise.”The person in charge of the enterprise said sensibly.Only innovators advance, only innovators strong, only innovators win.Over the past three years, closely around the high-tech innovation innovation service park working committee, management committee construction innovation driven development demonstration area and the high quality development area in strategic target, in the area of only 253 acres of high-tech torch park on the hatch “soil”, innovation mechanism, the agriculture leading industry, foster the subject of innovation, to promote transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer,Bright eye of science and technology innovation to hand over the transcript: a total of 44 countries of technology-based smes, more than 21, the national high and new technology enterprise incubation carrier four, double gen (above city-level) platform, the regular r&d platform (institutions) 26, authorization, intellectual property totaled 495, 21 (time) enterprises in all kinds of innovative entrepreneurship competition for places.The innovation ability of enterprises has been continuously improved, the atmosphere of “entrepreneurship and innovation” in the park has been increasingly strong, the initiative and enthusiasm of enterprises as innovation subjects have been constantly strengthened, and scientific and technological innovation has become a powerful engine and inexhaustible driving force for high-quality economic development in the park.The warm sun in winter is sprinkled in the high-tech torch Park. If you walk into an enterprise, you can see people who focus on scientific and technological research and development, and make breakthroughs in the field of innovation.At the end of the year, the park is full of vitality brought by scientific and technological innovation.In November 2018, Pingdingshan High-tech Zone launched the first round of system and mechanism reform, and the innovation and entrepreneurship service Park came into being, managing the newly built High-tech Torch Park and positioning technology business incubator.Since its establishment, China merchants team instructor orderly cohesion, chief clerk, science and technology, promoting the ground project completed and put into operation earlier, guide enterprises to carry out the activities of science and technology as soon as possible, by for enterprises “one year for small, two years into the gauge on throughout the whole process, three year high, patent declaration” service plan, explore “discover a number of innovative subject, foster a batch to enter backup,Identify a batch of demonstration “step cultivation system of entrepreneurship and innovation parks.In just three years, the park has innovated methods and deepened services, transforming empty factories into enterprises and growing into enterprises, realizing the idea of 20 factories with torches at the beginning of reform.Seeks the new bureau twist start a new drive master switch “investment first, followed by services, production DaXiao, science and technology to follow up” at the beginning of its establishment is park designing train of thought, the first batch of enterprises, the giant colgar industry in henan electric power equipment co., LTD., associated upstream and downstream customers, products as the key point, park investment promotion mapping, according to the figure has several times to visit wenzhou,Quickly introduced giant high power equipment co., LTD., zhejiang, and huge investment in high-tech zone construction high electrical industrial park, which park nearly thirty thousand square meters of four plant has been put into use, fell to the ground from the lubricating oil to the oil change, from the silicon steel sheet to do change, from the electromagnetic wire to the cabinet put oneself in another’s position to the complete industry chain enterprises, realize the mutual supporting.When Jigao Electric Industrial Park is under construction, the enterprises in the park’s guidance chain, Jigao Jia Ye and Yudian Electric, have been identified as national high-tech enterprises and built municipal engineering technology research center. The two enterprises have graduated and moved to jigao Electric Industrial Park as a whole.”Through innovative business service park, high and make electric company has realized the first breakthrough in the field of science and technology innovation, and brings the concept of” incubator “for us, we will take this opportunity to guide the chain enterprise to high and new technology enterprise, configuration of high quality resources, speed up the industrial concentration, try our best to built the city’s first electric incubator at an early date,To make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the regional economy.”Giant high electrical industrial park confidently said.From “nesting to attract phoenix” to “nesting to nurture phoenix”, from “incubating to enabling” to “enterprises feeding back”, innovation and entrepreneurship service parks have made a solid step forward.Strong impetus to create scientific and technological innovation source platform innovation “sub-fall”, industrial development “full vitality”.The park integrates various scientific and technological elements to accelerate the integration of market resources.High-level innovation platforms such as Beihang University, Zhubajie Network and Xi ‘an Jiaotong University Technology Transfer Center have been built and approved as provincial science and technology business incubator, provincial mass innovation space, provincial demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation of small and micro enterprises, provincial public service demonstration platform for small and medium enterprises, municipal mass innovation space and municipal business incubation demonstration base.Various specialized entrepreneurship and innovation platforms and incubation carriers have effectively helped micro, small and medium-sized enterprises reduce operating costs, supported technological transformation, promoted transformation and upgrading, and provided a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship for start-ups and micro, small and medium-sized technological enterprises.The park adopts the management mode of quantified task objectives and phased assessment to improve the service effectiveness of various platforms and carriers, and create a characteristic “entrepreneurship and innovation” ecosystem integrating “entrepreneurship service, accelerated incubation, industrial cluster, talent cultivation, angel investment, scientific and technological achievements transformation, and entrepreneurship policy”.Innovation means development, and innovation means the future.In addition to fostering high enterprises, the park also encourages enterprises to give full play to their initiative, increase research and development efforts, build Bridges of communication with universities and research institutes, and continuously stimulate innovation momentum.More than 30 enterprises, including Weiye New Materials, Lingzhi Electric and Tianyi Biological Co., LTD., have carried out industry-university-research cooperation and exchanges with henan Machinery Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., Pingdingshan University, Henan Institute of Urban Construction, Henan Polytechnic University, Lanzhou University of Technology, Zhengzhou University, Central South University and other universities and research institutes.Huaxing flotation has been approved by the city’s first provincial demonstration technology transfer mechanism, the city’s first central guide the local development of science and technology special funds, what catalytic approved by the city’s first new research and development institutions at the provincial level, the two companies have the municipal science and technology major projects each one, and as the evaluation experts to participate in the municipal technology bureau provincial new research and development institutions, technology transfer demonstration institutions recommend work,The transformation from “athlete” to “referee” is not only a direct reflection of the independent innovation ability of enterprises, but also the recognition of the effectiveness of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises by the science and technology authorities.The growth of innovation tree cannot be separated from the flowing water of finance.In the past three years, the park has helped enterprises with financing loans of 35.942 million yuan, obtained provincial and municipal incentive funds of 10.295 million yuan, guided Binkang Company to successfully obtain approval of patent pledge financing loans of 5 million yuan, the park took the lead in technology and finance work breakthrough, providing a broader idea for other enterprises to solve financing problems.Optimal environmental construction of innovative entrepreneurial new ecological park in three years of growing up together with enterprise, continuous optimization of business environment, efforts to promote double gen atmosphere, try to set up the “entrepreneur communion day” system, and enterprise make joint warm ten enterprises, science and technology service of article 10, let entrepreneurs to participate in the system, form the standard system, make services more accurate.To improve the ability to solve complex problems by using the “1234 working method” and “one person, two books and three responsibilities” working method, and become an expert in service enterprises.Take the “ten thousand people help ten thousand enterprises” activity as an opportunity to broaden the depth and breadth of services, and entrepreneurs want to work together, to do practical work, as a good party construction instructor, enterprise attendants, scientific and technological innovation leader of private enterprises, to create a “joint construction and sharing, create a win-win” new model of park and enterprise development.In the whole domain under the guidance of innovation, enterprise gradually shift from passive to receive information of science and technology for active planning to participate in the activities of all kinds of science and technology, three years, 53 (time) enterprises to participate in all kinds of series, 21 (time) enterprise, 27 (time) enterprise for the municipal science and technology innovation voucher of 6.823 million yuan, more than 30 (time) enterprise r&d spending budget for the record,The total amount reached 200 million yuan.Under the careful care of the park, more “flowers of science and technology” have borne “fruits of innovation”.In the past three years, all the staff of the innovation and entrepreneurship Service Park have no distracting thoughts to serve enterprises, and exert their efforts with heart.With wholehearted guidance to entrepreneurs, innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence, the Torch Park has achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1.However, there is a long way to go for the promotion from 1 to 100. It is necessary to maintain sufficient concentration, stick to the initial entrepreneurial spirit, establish the confidence and determination of “doing first and doing well”, continue to build a high-quality incubation ecology, help the rapid development of science and technology enterprises, and make continuous contributions to the high-quality development of the high-tech zone and reflect the park’s responsibility.Source: Pingdingshan High-tech Zone Author: Li Chen Editor: Chen Nan